Iowas: A Glimpse to the American Heartland

The United States has been blessed with various wonderful and impressive states in which each of them takes its own path to success. Through the help of the respective leaders and community members, they can gradually take the name of their state across the globe. One of them is Iowa, which has its own amazing history in the country. Find out what makes this state interesting and worth visiting.

The name “Iowa” was taken from Ioway people who belong to the Native American tribes occupying the state during European exploration. This is the ultimate state that got state abbreviation consisting of 2 vowels (IA).

What is Iowa?

Iowa is one of the US states in Midwestern United States and it is also called as “American Heartland”. During the 20th century, the agricultural economy of this state had transformed into diversified economy. It became a place for processing, biotechnology, green energy production, information technology, advanced manufacturing and financial services. In fact, it belongs to the most extensive places in land area and most populous states in the United States. Des Moines is its largest city and capital.

Looking Closer to Iowa

There are several aspects that will complete the distinct feature of Iowa as a state. It has an interesting history that reflects the cultural, tradition and belief of its people.


The natural vegetation of Iowas has been savanna and tallgrass prairie which can be found in several upland areas. It also features dense wetlands and forest in the flood plains and well-protected river valleys. Unfortunately, it has several threatened or endangered plants including:

  • Northern Wild Monkshood
  • Mead’s Milkweed
  • Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid
  • Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
  • Prairie Bush Clover

A humid continental climate covers this state along with extreme cold and heat. Spring will take place in the early severe weather seasons. Tornadoes have been common during summer and spring months.


In terms of religion, almost half of the Iowans have been protestant based on the surveys conducted in the past years. Some of the religions that exist in this state include Catholic and other non-protestant religions. Historically, religious orders and sects that aimed to stay apart from the society had developed their places in Iowa. These groups are Mennonite, Kalona, and Amish. These also include other areas of eastern Iowas like Buchanan County and Davis County.

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The common language in Iowa is English which is used by 94 percent of its population. There were also people who discovered that the state is also divided into various linguistic regions. After English language, the second common language used is Spanish. On the other hand, German is the third common language which is spoken by more or less 17, 000 Iowans. Specifically, there are 2 German dialects being used in the state which include Pennsylvania German and Amana German.

Famous Spots

The capital Des Moines is also the economic and political center of the state. Some of the popular places to see in this city are the following:

  • Drake University
  • Iowa State Capitol
  • Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden
  • Iowa State Fair
  • World Food Prize
  • Principal Riverwalk
  • Des Moines Art Center
  • State Historical Society of Iowas Museum

Other attractions to visit include:

  • Living History Farms which is located at Urbandale, Trainland USA
  • Valle Drive-In which is situated in Newton
  • Iowa Speedway which is also found in Newton
  • Adventureland
  • Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino

Iowa City has been the home to other great places such as:

  • Old Capitol Building
  • Iowa Writer’s Workshop
  • Herbert Hoover National Historic Site
  • University of Iowa
  • Aman Colonis
  • Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
  • River Music Experience
  • Cedar Rapids Museum of Art with collections of some paintings made by Marvin Cone and Grant Wood
  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra
  • Davenport Skybridge
  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra
  • Putnam Museum
  • Figge Art Museum

These are only some of the amazing places and spots that can impress its visitors and even locals. Every city of Iowa has been featuring unique characteristics and events that are certainly attracting more people constantly.

Source of Living

The largest economical sector of Iowa is manufacturing. Most manufacturing sectors involved are heavy machinery, agricultural chemicals and food processing. On the other hand, food processing has been the biggest manufacturing component in the state. Aside from processed food, the industrial outputs involve:

  • Publishing
  • Primary metals
  • Chemical products
  • Electric equipment
  • Machinery

There are also several companies established in Iowa that have indirect or direct processing facilities. There are also many firms in non-food manufacturing have production facilities located in Iowa.

Indirectly and directly, agriculture became a great component in the economy of Iowa. For the past 7 years, the direct sale and production of Iowa’s raw agricultural products had contributed an almost 3.5 percent of gross state product only.

The common agricultural products in the state are corn, oats, dairy products, eggs, cattle, soybeans and hogs. Iowa is also known as the bigger corn and ethanol producer in the United States. When it comes to other sectors, Iowa got a strong insurance and financial sector with more than 6, 000 firms.

The production of ethanol can consume about 1/3 of the corn production of Iowa including renewable fuels accounting for 8 percent of the gross domestic product of the state.




The state of Iowa got 4 primary interstate highways. These are the Interstate 29 (I-29), I-35, I-74, and I-380 (auxiliary interstate highway). In addition, the city is also being served by various major airports such as:

  • Eastern Iowa Airport
  • Des Moines International Airport
  • Eppley Airfiled
  • Quad City International Airport

The California Zephyr of Amtrak is serving the south area of the state and with stops at Mount Pleasant, Osceola, Creston, Ottumwa, and Burlington on the daily routes between Emeryville CA and Chicago. Fort Madison has been served by the Southwest Chief of Amtrak which runs daily between Los Angeles and Chicago.